Overboard – #NewRelease by Lynn LaFleur


What happens when two best buds ever since college discover new feelings for each other? That’s the basis for my new ménage book, Overboard.

Chris is in love with Joni, but has always had a special friendship with Lance. They met their freshman year in college, and became best friends almost immediately. Chris has no idea Lance has been in love with him all this time, until a fishing trip puts the two men together. Their nighttime talk turns into action the next morning when Chris awakes to find an aroused Lance in his stateroom on the boat.

I had so much fun writing the story of how Chris discovers his feelings for Lance…feelings he’s held inside for years.

Here’s a little taste of Overboard. Enjoy!

* * *

Chris maneuvered the boat away from the dock. He appreciated having to concentrate so he wouldn’t think about Lance. Something had happened in that stateroom. A spark had passed between them, some kind of weird energy.

Something he’d never experienced.

Lance joined him, a bottle of beer in each hand. “Ready for this?”

Alcohol sounded like a good idea. “Yeah. Thanks.” He took one of the bottles from Lance and swallowed a huge gulp. He usually didn’t drink while steering the boat. Since they would drop anchor soon, he decided an early beer would be all right.

“When do the salmon start jumping in the boat?” Lance asked.

Chris glanced at his friend. Lance’s eyes twinkled with laughter. Thankful that he didn’t sense any of the weird energy he’d felt in Lance’s stateroom, he grinned at his friend. “You think I’m lying, but just wait. We won’t need those steaks you bought ‘cause we’re having fresh salmon for dinner.”

“No reason we can’t have both.”

“Yeah, that’s true. You can cook the steaks out here on the grill, and I’ll bake the salmon.”

“Damn, my mouth is watering already.”

Chris chuckled. “There’s a lot of snack stuff in the galley. I think Joni bought every kind of cracker and chip in the store. She also made coleslaw, potato salad, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies.”

“She’s beautiful, charming, and can cook, too? Can I clone her?”

“You can, as long as I get to keep the original.”

Lance took a sip of his beer. “So she’s the one? The happily-ever-after one?”

“She’s the one.”

“I thought so from the way you talked about her on the phone. Your voice was pretty sappy.”

Lance grinned, and Chris laughed. “Yeah, I probably do sound sappy when I talk about Joni.”

“You’re in love.”

Lance looked out over the water as he sipped his beer. Chris studied his friend’s profile. Lance was handsome, successful, and a really great guy. He should’ve settled down a long time ago. “No prospects for you?”

Lance shook his head. “Nah. I guess I’m too picky.”

“Are you dating?”

“I date all the time.” He shrugged. “No luck.”

“It took me a long time and a couple of misses before I met Joni. Don’t give up.”

“I won’t.” He turned his head and looked directly into Chris’ eyes. “I’ll never give up.”

That weird energy zipped between them again. He and Lance had always clicked. They’d even finished each other’s sentences. This…whatever…seemed stronger, more powerful.

A little scary.

  • * * *

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