Political Sex Scandals – Fantasy, Fact or Fabricated #sexscandal

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 01:  Beth, a "service provider" at Sydney brothel The Site, stands in a window as a motorist approaches September 1, 2006 in Sydney, Australia. The brothel is offering a 20 cent-per-litre discount on petrol to their customers. As petrol prices reach all-time highs, the scheme involves filling up your car, bringing your petrol receipt to the brothel, which will go towards a discount on the price of the visit.      (Photo Illustration by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

Sex scandals routinely pop up in the news, especially the tabloid news, concerning celebrities and political officials. From Bill Clinton’s encounter with Monica Lewinsky, Kim Kardashian’s naughty home movies, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee on their boat, Paris Hilton in night vision, etc… Just check out the latest tabloid magazine and someone is doing naughty sexting, Skype-sex, or sex taping of some form.

Sex scandals among politicians and celebrities aren’t news worthy in the sense it’s nothing new. The indiscretions of those in the public eye have been going on for more than two centuries in our history. The media and public have turned high-profile peoples’ lives into real-life reality sex shows.

In the current presidential election the sex scandals or fabrications of ones abound. The Washington Post attempted to create a sex scandal against Donald Trump to derail his path to the presidency. And The National Enquirer attempted one on Ted Cruz. Saying that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had a series of extramarital affairs with five women.

If you consider most successful, intelligent and wealthy men and women probably attract ambitious and attractive people who want sex, money or power from them, or perhaps hope to hook up and gain all three. Right? We’ve heard the term, Gold Diggers. Men and women in power can be seduced by sex, money and power. Of course not all, but some fall to the temptation.

Those who have stepped over the line and allowed themselves to be seduced for whatever reason(s), could potentially be at risk for a scandal. Knowing this probability, isn’t it possible that someone might consider preying on a person in power and try to set them up on purpose in a scandal?

As far back at the Civil War, women seduced men in the military to access secrets and gain advantages in the war. This is partly what gave me the idea for my Red Tape books (the FLC Case Files series). Red Tape, book 1 and Red Tape Protector, book 2 are out now.

What surprises me are the letters I’ve received telling me how the story is not realistic. Yes, I have a twisted mind when it comes to writing erotica, and yes, the idea of a BDSM dungeon in the White House is a little far-fetched, BUT how do you know a previous president and first lady didn’t have a kinky side? Would that be a bad thing? Is it hard to imagine powerful people like sex? Even if it’s kinkier than your taste?

Taking all this a step farther, my erotic twisted mind had to run with this idea and decided if the media loves a scandal, what if (what ifs are a great place to start stories) the first ladies in the White House created a secret organization where she could have a team set up scandals, some sex scandals, other more dangerous, to manipulate dangerous political figures?

A few more political sex scandals:

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky– This extra-marital affair later led to impeachment.

Thad Viers S.C. State representative withdrew as a candidate for US Congress after he was arrested on harassing a 28 y/o woman.

Herman Cain Republican presidential candidate accused of sexual harassment by several women.

Cris Lee (married). Sent a shirtless photo of himself to a woman via Craigslist and flirtatious emails.

David Petraeus– Director of CIA had an extra-marital affair.

DEA Columbian sex scandal – Michele Leonhart, administration chief for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), had to resign after a government investigation revealed a number of DEA agents had engaged in sexual encounters with Columbian prostitutes on the drug cartels tab.

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