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Book 1 in the new sexy contemporary book by Kathy Kulig is out NOW! Follow her on her blog tour and sign up for some fabulous prizes.

Tour Schedule:

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KK_SinsOfOdyssey_SecretDestiny_200x300Secret Destiny Blurb- 

Sexy. Seductive. Wickedly Delightful. Desperate and on the verge of financial disaster, Destiny Noir accepts a sexy offer from the mysterious billionaire manager at a hedonistic club. Dark Odyssey is in a mansion along the South Florida coast and caters to the rich and powerful, providing a particular service that satisfies their clients’ sinful requests.

Performing kinky sex shows at private parties with her lover Darius Logan should be easy for two lovers. The risk to her professional reputation is high, but the money and scorching sex is too good to refuse. This arrangement is just what the couple is looking for. But they discover the harsh consequences when their secret is exposed and their fun and well-paying side job takes a nosedive.

Amazed by how uninhibited she can be, Destiny is driven by a sensual need aroused by her audience. But when clients begin demanding special favors—slave services on a billionaire’s yacht, then a public ménage at a CEO’s cocktail party, Destiny has second thoughts. Are the risks to her professional career worth it? And what about her blazing-hot romance with Darius? Can they survive the consequences? Secret Destiny is book one in a new sexy contemporary series Sins of Odyssey. Coming soon: Secret Escort and Secret Sins.


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