Sex Tips from the #RomanticSexGeek

Aside from the sex-positive blog articles I’ll continue to post here on Burnt Stilettos, I’ve decided to start a new column: Sex Tips from the #RomanticSexGeek in my newsletter.

This column will occasionally appear on this blog in addition to each monthly issue of my newsletter: Kathy’s Hot News, if you’re not a member, click HERE to sign up! I respect your privacy and promise not to spam. I run contests each month for my subscribers and you can unsubscribe easily if you wish.

Years ago I was a stringer for a couple newspapers. The articles I wrote, and occasional photos I took, were not very exciting. I learned a lot though, and I thought how fun it would be to have my own column, but it would have to relate to my writing. Since I write hot romance and I’m passionate about promoting sex-positive, it’s not surprising that the column leans toward sex/romance topics. The other reason is that I continue to have people who know I write erotic romance ask me sex related questions as if I were a sex therapist—I’m not!

Why #RomanticSexGeek?

I may not be an expert on sex, but I do a ton of research for my books. Some ‘hands-on’, or through voracious reading of fiction/non-fiction books, talking to experts or those who participate in particular kinks or lifestyles, and by visiting BDSM or other adult clubs.

By definition, a Sex Geek is …

someone who is knowledgeable about topics of sex, has a voracious appetite for all sorts of erotic literature, both fictional and non-fictional, is curious and open-minded, willing to push boundaries to enhance knowledge. I also have a medical/science degree and have worked in the medical field for many, many years. That’s also the geek part. I read somewhere that said kinky people tend to be sex geeks. Perhaps I fit in there too!

Have a question or curious about a particular topic?

I welcome questions from visitors and newsletter subscribers. If you have a topic, question or concern you’d like me to cover on the blog or in the newsletter, you can contact me here, or reply through my newsletter. I promise never, ever, to share your name or other information. Strictly confidential!

In my November 2016 Kathy’s Hot News newsletter, I talked about dressing for success as it relates to sex and romance. I gave a few suggestions if you’re in that flirty, naughty mood. In my next newsletter in December, I will talk about the misconceptions of Sadism and Masochism. While visiting Paddles, a BDSM club in New York City, I observed a lovely, but very intense scene between a sadist and his beautiful masochistic submissive. That scene and his sensitive treatment of her afterward, taught me much about and S/M, D/s relationship. It gave me an idea for a story: What if a woman wanted to explore her masochistic/submissive desires, but the man she was in love with had no interest in the BDSM lifestyle? Was their love doomed? And what if he decided to give her one night in a bondage club to experience her desires in hopes she’ll get it out of her system? STEEL REFLECTIONS is a short story that I give for FREE to my new subscribers.

I’ll also tell subscribers what to do if they think they’d like to explore the BDSM lifestyle themselves, safely and in slow steps. Missed the December 2016 newsletter? No worries, SIGN UP anyway, and let me know you’d like a copy of that issue. I’ll send you one.  

My goal for this short column is to promote a sex-positive attitude for those who desire to learn, explore their sexuality and satisfy their curiosity. Sex is pleasurable and good. Explore and celebrate your desires and fantasies, push beyond fears and society’s rigid principles to discover your sensual BEING. Sexual freedom and joy is inherently our nature.


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