Last Minute Naughty Gift Recommendations from the #RomanticSexGeek



Spice up the Holidays with Naughty Gifts for your lover.

Need a little inspiration? Want to try something new? Interested in adding a little kink to your love life without going over the top? Or maybe you’re a traveler, or your loved one is a traveler, and need a little discreet travel toy for solo play? Or thinking of a last minute, sexy gift? Check out the links in the article for ideas.


If you’re a fan of sex toys and blogs then you may have seen a number of sexy recommendations for Naughty Christmas Gift ideas to stuff in your lover’s stocking, hide discreetly under the tree or add to a naughty gift basket.

As the #RomanticSexGeek, I’m like a kid in a candy story looking through all these items and love to find new ideas. Honestly, do a Google search if you’re starved for ideas, but here are a few quick, last minute sexy/naughty/fun Christmas ideas to stuff those naughty stockings to please your lover:

  1. Sex toys, sex toys, sex toys, always naughty and nice. If you haven’t checked out the new vibes and pleasure toys lately, now is the time. One sure way to keep things interesting in the bedroom. There are way too many to list here, but plenty to please and satisfy both men and women. It’s time to do some exploring and be a little adventurous! Remote controlled, solo or couple play, waterproof, multiple settings, and a variety of shapes, colors and more. Click here to see what’s new
  2. Position of the day playing cards. Draw a card and try a new position. From sweet and easy to more advanced. Fun way to heat things up. Naughty Cards
  3. Massage oil. Relax and have an awesome sexy time with warming massage oil in various flavors. Kuma Sutra’s Oil of Love
  4. The Big Book of Orgasms – 69 Sexy Stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Read together to heat things up or get some new ideas.
  5. Bondage kits for a 50 Shades of Grey night. Blindfold, restrain, tease and more. There are plenty of options for the beginner or roleplayer, to serious players.
  6. A few more sexy, last minute Sexy Toy Ideas and Gift Sets. Choose bright colors, interesting shapes, lube, condoms, discreet traveling toys, etc.
  7. Sexy lingerie or boxers/briefs are always a good pick too!
  8. DVD of sexy/romantic movies, or go adventurous and try out some soft porn. Tristan Taomino has a list of films she’s produced that promote sex-positive topics.

Feel free to list your suggestions here too!!

For sex toys, erotic videos and other intimate products you can buy at a local adult story. But you may feel awkward pulling items off the shelves while others are watching you. Honestly they don’t care. Or you may feel strange as you check out your new vibe, lube, porn video or bondage item and the person at the checkout is younger than your child. Online shopping is a discreet option. Check out the links for Eden Fantasys and LELO or click the banners I have on the right column of this blog for a couple recommended shopping sites.

Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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