Secret Sins #NewRelease – Secrets to Hide and Secrets Exposed. Can Love Survive the Disastrous Consequences? #Contest

Secret Sins by Kathy Kulig

Book 3 in Sins of Odyssey series (Erotic Contemporary Romance with BDSM) Pre-Order Now! Release date: 2/2/17

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BLURB: Scorching. Provocative. Forbidden. Every submissive craves Master Adrian Cayne’s commands and relentless determination to bring them to the point of exquisite pain and pleasure. Because of the intensity of his sessions, he’ll only take experienced subs until Emma arrives at Dark Odyssey. He’s impressed and attracted to her beauty and enthusiasm. But before he’ll take her on, she must pass a series of seductive tests of increasing intensity to see if she’s receptive to his unique and dark skills.

Emma Fallon is known to thoroughly research her articles for the tabloid magazine Scandal. With her job and career on the line, she must go undercover to write a lurid and gossipy story about Dark Odyssey, a hedonistic club. While the assignment is her chance to indulge in her taboo desires for the sex she craves as a submissive, her heart isn’t in it because she’s falling for Adrian.

Raw, hot passion draws them past guarded limits, but when secrets are revealed and trust is broken, can true love save their torn hearts?

Other books in the Sins of Odyssey series: All books are standalone and can be read in any order.

  • Secret Destiny – Book 1
  • Secret Escort – Book 2



A prestigious surgeon with a tormented past, secrets to hide.

A beautiful tabloid reporter hired to expose the rich and famous

Extreme passion, raw desire captures their hearts. But when secrets are exposed, can they

face the truth and trust in true love?




The dress was way too short and the heels meant for fucking not walking, but she wouldn’t back out now. Parked across from the entrance of the exclusive sex club Dark Odyssey, Emma Fallon watched another car pull up and the driver hand the invitation to the guard. The wrought-iron gate slowly swung to the side and the car sped up the drive.

She pulled the invitation out of her tiny purse. It had taken her weeks to get it. If she chickened out now, she might never get another chance. Not to mention her boss would be pissed if she missed her deadline for Scandal magazine.

Emma believed thorough research created the best stories. When given an assignment to write about the hazards of bungee jumping, she leapt off the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Colorado. Another job sent her investigating the recent cavern scuba diving deaths and initiated her scuba certification in the watery depths of Devil’s Eye in central Florida. Rock climbing, boat racing, running with the bulls, she preferred hands-on research, thrived on it.

That’s what gave her stories the edge and juice her readers and boss craved. Those details would get her the hell up and out of the tabloid rag and eventually into a dream job like USA Today, New York Times or Sports Illustrated if she was lucky.

She’d made some good contacts along the way. Now all she needed was a good recommendation from her boss. This particular story left a churning in her stomach. There was something beyond unethical about digging into people’s sex lives, especially ones with a kinky side. Her articles at Scandal had to have scandalous twists to them. Her boss clearly demanded a detailed exposé uncovering a number of high-profile celebrities who regularly visited the club and exposing their kinky preferences.

When she’d told her boss, Vivian Pearlman, to find another reporter, Vivian reminded Emma of the contacts she had at the various prestigious papers. Career blackmail.

As Emma stared at the entrance of the exclusive club, she clutched the invitation in her hands. What would Jake think of her if he knew she visited a BDSM club? Jake had been gone for over a year. It didn’t matter what he would think. She may never look at another motorcycle the same way again. But it was time to let him go, and shove the pain aside so she could date again. For this assignment, she doubted she would have to have sex with anyone. Could she convince those in the BDSM lifestyle she was a newbie and curious, instead of a reporter?

She’d been told to come early for a tour before all the guests arrived. Pulling her car to the gate, she handed her invitation to the guard. He checked her name. “I’m supposed to meet with Oliver Tobin,” she offered when he didn’t say anything right away. She half-hoped he’d reject her invitation, but at the same time, feared she would be denied entrance.

“Good evening, Ms. Fallon. First time at Dark Odyssey, I see.” The body-building muscles strained to burst out of his black T-shirt. An insignia of a pink palm tree and the word Dark Odyssey scripted at the bottom appeared on the upper left.

“How did you know?” Her hands tightened around the steering wheel.

He smiled. “By the color of the invitation.” He made a mark on the clipboard and handed back her invitation. “Mr. Tobin, our director, is meeting with a vendor right now, but when you get inside ask for Daniel at the bar, he’s the assistant manager. He can find someone to give you a tour and explain the rules. Oliver may catch up with you later.”

Heat rose to Emma’s face. The curse of being a redhead. She blushed too damn easily. “Thank you. I’m meeting friends, but if I don’t see them I’ll check with Daniel.”

“If you tell me your friends’ names I can tell you if they’ve arrived.”

“Cynthia Everett and Carter Bosworth. I understand they’re VIP regulars.”

His eyes widened. “Yes, of course. They practically run the place. They’re here. I’m sure they’ll show you around, answer any questions.”

“Good to know.”

He opened the gate then bent down and whispered, “Just relax and have fun. No pressure to do anything. You can always be a voyeur.”

“I appreciate the suggestion, but I intend to participate and get the full experience.”

He grinned and nodded his approval. While Emma waited for the gate to swing wide enough for her car to pass through, her heartbeat kicked up until she could feel the pulse in her neck. Relax, deep breath.

She drove along an exquisitely landscaped lawn of tropical plants and palm trees. The two-story Spanish-style villa had pink stucco walls and a red terra cotta-tiled roof. As she approached the front door, another attendant in a similar black T-shirt signaled her to stop. He opened her door. “I’ll park your car, miss.” He handed her a ticket. “Have a nice evening.”

On shaky legs, she walked to the entrance. In the summer, Florida heat and humidity didn’t ease even in the evening. The sticky salt air from the ocean behind the mansion instantly coated her skin.

Another guard took her hand, helped her up the stairs and opened the door. He was hot and dressed all in black with the same tee-shirt and pink palm tree insignia. If she had to participate as part of her research, this guy or the other one wouldn’t be her choice. How far would she go for a good article?


For Secret Destiny:

“What did Destiny get herself and her partner in to? I was thinking this through most of the read. This was a sexy, kinky read that took one couple on so serious highs and out of their world comfort zone. My thoughts kept racing. Will she regret the decision to step into the world of Dark Odyssey and that of the super wealthy?
I will not answer that question for you. I will tell you it is well worth the read. I was ready to turn each page and find each new step deeper in that Destiny and Darius took. This was a HOT, SIZZLING page turner. Waiting for the next installment. Where will it lead?” ~Book Junkie Reads

“Omg what can I say other the brilliant! ! !
This book is seriously hot and the sex scenes will leave you wanting more!” ~Maxine’s Hot Reads


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