New Year’s Sex Resolutions #RomanticSexGeek #sexpositive

Most of us make resolutions to eat less, eat healthier, workout more, get more rest, learn a new skill, be kinder, more assertive, etc. But what about our sex lives? What if we made a sexual resolution relating to our sex lives?

In the same way you might evaluate your diet or workout schedule, why not take a look at your sex life and see what’s working, what’s not and what areas you might improve, or try out something that’s new.

Here are a few sexual resolutions suggestions or ideas to get you started:

  1. What haven’t you done sexually in a while that you really enjoy doing? Obviously if you don’t have a partner, and this involves a partner, perhaps you can spend a bit more time getting in ‘touch’ with yourself and understand what pleasures you the most. Feel more comfortable with your body so you can be more responsive with a partner.
  2. Commit to becoming a more sensual person this year. Treat yourself to a new sexy outfit, sexy lingerie or a new vibe. Talk to your partner about your desire to be more sensual. Talking about it already makes it so.
  3. Build your confidence and self-esteem by reading sensual topics in both non-fiction and fiction books.
  4. Talk sex with your partner. Good communication helps build strong relationships and sexual relationships. Talk about your desires and fantasies. Act one or more out.
  5. Check out porn sites online. The visuals may give you some ideas. Or it may be fun to share the pure naughty entertainment with your partner. Who can find the most outrageous pictures or video? Share them with each other.
  6. Push your boundaries a little. Do something you’ve never done before. Have sex outside, go to a swingers or BDSM club, try fantasy BDSM, go as a couple to a strip club, go to a nude beach, or try something different and fun in the bedroom.

By the end of 2017, see how much your love life and sex life has improved or changed after tweaking your focus and creating a few sexual resolutions. Tell me what resolutions you have, sexual or otherwise.


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