Dirty Little Secrets are the hardest to keep. #NewRelease in the Sexy, Hot #SinsofOdyssey series -SECRETS SINS

What is it about dirty secrets that have us hooked on the TV reality shows, tabloid magazines and news reports. Celebrities and unknown people who have intimate, personal, kinky details revealed continue to capture our attention and sky-rocket TV viewer ratings.

The darker the secret the kinkier or more outrageous the better. Secret lives, affairs, confessions, we’re all addicted to this gossipy stuff. There are worse things to be addicted too. Perhaps we’re all voyeurs in a way, peeping Toms into other peoples’ lives.

What’s your’ favorite? The Real Housewives, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor, Top Chef, American Idol, etc. All have gossipy details about the peoples’ personal lives.

All these naughty secrets gave me the idea for my sexy, contemporary romance series Sins of Odyssey. In this series, I go behind the scenes of an adult sex club Dark Odyssey that cater to mostly the rich and famous. All guests have their secrets to hide, and many crave secret and dark desires. The fun begins when these secrets are revealed, exposed…

Check out the books out so far in this hot and sexy series:



SECRET SINS, Book 3 – Just released!


When Emma, a reporter for a tabloid magazine called Scandal, is hired to go undercover at a high-class BDSM club, she never expected to meet anyone like Dom Adrian who’s a submissive’s dream. As a prestigious doctor, he guards his privacy and identity and avoids any scandal that might harm his career.

Adrian has had his own bad experiences with past subs, and he hesitates taking on the initiation of a new sub. But Emma excites him, and she’s drawn to the sensual world of BDSM, her submissive desires and the handsome Dom. Secrets can only be hidden for so long before the truth comes out. Will her undercover job as a tabloid writer destroy her chances for true love?  

Reviewers are loving SECRET SINS – Giving it 5 Stars!:

“Secret Sins in a hot and steamy joy ride in the Dark Odyssey sex club. Get the book…you won’t be sorry.” ~Amazon reviewer

“I really enjoyed this story. The author has done a great job of creating the story and bringing a good bit of suspense and surprise into the story. The scenes are hot and well written. Another great job, this is a great addition to the Sins of Odyssey series.” ~Amazon reviewer

“I loved this book from the beginning to the end. Well written and seductive.” ~Amazon reviewer


“Wow! If you like your heat level on high, with laughs thrown in, and like the BDSM world, this is a book you have to read. It will literally, take you to another place!” ~Amazon reviewer


“Ms.Kulig does it again, a hot storyline and great characters. I highly recommend you put this on your tbr list.” ~Amazon reviewer




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So tell me, do you watch reality show? If so, what ones are your favorites???


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