The #Vampire I Met While Jogging

Many people will think it odd that my favorite place to jog is in a cemetery. The perfect place to run into a ghost or two, but what about a vampire? This cemetery is at the end of my street, and is filled with graves dating from the 1700s. It’s wooded and quiet and the trails have a few hills, so a bit of a challenge for a jogger.

Many soldiers from the Civil War are buried here, and their graves are marked to honor them. Some have the GAR star – Grand Army of the Republic. As I jog around the cemetery, I read the headstones. Many tell a story or make me wonder why and how they died.

Several children died at young ages in the 1800s, probably from illnesses. Heartbreaking. There is one large tombstone in another section of this cemetery of a carved sleeping child from the mid-1800s. A young child or perhaps two, were buried here. Some mysterious visitor still leaves toys by the headstone.

About the vampire. I’m in the middle of writing and planning a new vampire series. I started reading headstones, trying to get ideas for names, first and last. I used the dates of the tombstones to help too. One of the settings in one book will be an hour south of here in New Hope, PA so using names from this area would be appropriate. I found a few I could use.

A writer has an over active imagination. Most of us will tell you we have vivid dreams, and probably got in trouble as children for daydreaming in school. Well, while I was jogging, I started daydreaming and imagined seeing a vampire stepping out of one of the tombs. I imagined he would vanish and reappear around the next turn of the trail as if he was following me. I was his next prey.

Who is he? I know he’s a vampire because I’m writing vampire books. Why is he here? What does he look like? What’s his name? Is he a good vampire or really bad? Is he handsome? Does he have a girlfriend, or is he alone? What if I tried to talk to him, would he talk to me, kill me, or vanish????? Can you see where a writer gets her ideas?

Now I have a story thread. A start of one anyway. I’ve decided to work on this, connect it to my current series AND turn it into a serial. Similar to episodes of a TV. I’ll post these episodes here on this blog. Rough draft, so forgive any typos. I’ll let you know when I start the story.

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