Real #Vampires – Monsters or Myth, Subculture or Lifestyle?


What visual image do you get with the word VAMPIRE? Is a vampire a monster, a myth, a member of a Goth-like subculture, an alternative lifestyle, a religion, or something even more?

It’s not easily explained, and those who call themselves vampires describe themselves differently and disagree with other vampires or vampyres. I’m sure there are those who will disagree with my thoughts here too.

Are vampires real? Yes, vampires are real, I have no doubt, but probably not in the way you’d expect. 

Folklore, superstition, history, film and fiction have shaped and influenced the image of vampires over the years from gruesome, murderous monsters, to handsome, seductive heroes. The real vampires add another twist to this dark culture. There is more than one type or form of vampire.

If your view of a vampire consists of a European nobleman in Victorian clothing and swinging a black opera cloak, you wouldn’t be wrong, but that’s a very narrow view.

As a writer and a scientist, I look at vampire research with a curious fascination and an openminded empirical study. I don’t claim to know everything about vampires. And the more I research them, the more fascinating information I discover that I never knew about.

My interest began when I was a kid reading horror books, watching old movies and TV shows like Dark Shadows. I’ve watched and re-watched, read and re-read several favorites over the years. Some weren’t so good, some I really enjoyed. I’ve worked in the medical laboratory field for many years and have often been called a vampire. I used to wake patients up to draw the blood for tests. As a blood bank supervisor for over five years, I dressed as a vampiress one Halloween, much to the delight of the patients having to receive or donate blood that day.

Have I met a real vampire? No, not yet. At least I don’t think I have, but I certainly hope to someday. Although I regularly meet people who could been psychic vampires and may or may not know it.

Categories of Vampires: (This is my interpretation. there are other interpretations.)

Immortal Vampires –

  • Classic Undead also called Revenant –living dead, changed or turned by another undead vampire through the exchange of blood.
  • Shapeshifting Vampires/theriomorphs – Vampires that can shapeshift into bats, wolves, cats, insects, mist or other creatures.
  • Benevolent type – can live among mortals and take blood without harming them. Malevolent type – evil, with intension of killing their prey each time they take blood. Both of these can fit into either of the above immortal types.

Dressed for a vampire ball at a writer’s conference.

Mortal Vampires –


  • Sanguinarian – A mortal vampire who drinks blood in rituals, or acquires benifit either physically, spiritually or psychologically from the act of drinking blood.
  • Psychic Vampire –(Psi or Psy) Obtains life force energy through psychic connection of another person.
  • Hybrid – comprised of both sang and psi vampire types.
  • Astral vampire – different from a psychic vamp in that the astral projected spirit of a living person preys on another mortal and draws their life force energy. It’s another method of a psychic attack.
  • Sexual vampire – uses sex and sensuality as a means to attract his/her victims and/or uses sex or tantric sex to exchange or draw life force energy.
  • Viral Vampires – the transfer or inherited of endogenous retrovirus vHERV virus. Considered enhanced human (not dead). It will cause increase strength, speed, enhanced mental and/or psychic ablitities, the ability to digest human and animal blood more efficiently.
  • Role players – people who play the vampire role part time, in dress, online, with other like groups.
  • Real vampires – those who see themselves as vamps as a way of life 24/7. Some take in blood, some don’t, some see it as a religion, some don’t, some connect with others in clans or prefer a solo life, some prefer the dark, others live in daylight. Sometimes there is a crossover with the Goth and/or BDSM communities and some vampires don’t have any interest in those lifestyles at all.

Many preferences and types, and probably many more that I haven’t mentioned.

Have you ever met a REAL vampire? Or are you a real vampire?

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