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EDGE OF PASSION by Kathy Kulig

Genre: Sexy paranormal/fantasy with BDSM elements

Book 2 in the Dark Realms series, a collection of sensual romance novellas and short novels with supernatural heroes and fantasy elements. Shifters, space and time travel, witches, and perhaps a vampire or ghost in the future. They can be set on Earth, on another world or with in another dimension. With out of this world heroes who haunt us, hunt us and hunger passionately for us. Each book is a complete and individual story. No cliffhangers!


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She didn’t expect to fall in love…or be captivated by his enchanted powers.

Dana senses something strange and mysterious about the ancient Irish castle the day she arrives. Hired for the summer to play her harp with a troupe of entertainers, she refuses to believe anything could ruin her dream job with the medieval dinner show. Jack, the lead musician, is amazing HOT. But shortly after she arrives, she discovers that more goes on after hours in the castle’s dungeon and in the forest.

Inexplicably drawn to this man who must train her for the show, Dana fights a stubborn battle against her increasing attraction for Jack. He’s a sexy Dominant who recognizes the submissive smoldering beneath her demure exterior. Soon his skillful commands take Dana beyond her darkest erotic fantasies and her BDSM desires.

As the mystery surrounding the troupe of musicians unfolds, Jack draws her into a strange, twilight world of secret meetings, cloaked figures, bizarre lights, and a hidden cottage that vanishes beneath the light of the moon.

Who are these people, and is Dana in danger? Is this true love? Or is she an unwilling participant in a supernatural conquest?


There was no mistaking the lust in his gray-blue eyes. His lips parted slightly, as if ready to kiss her, but he didn’t. She wondered if he waited for her to make the first move. He was letting her lead. If she wanted him, she could have him. She only had to give him a little encouragement. The sense of sexual power rushed through her, making her tingly all over. She slid the tip of her tongue over her lips, but still he didn’t respond to her obvious hint. Her body was on fire now, and ached for him. Could she have misread his desire?

A muscle twitched at his jaw, a slight smile formed at his lips. “How are you feeling?”

“Good.” She rested both hands on his arms. “And thanks for rescuing me and giving me a place to hang for the night.”

“My pleasure.” His voice sounded hoarse. He breathed deeply as his gaze dropped to her mouth then her breasts. Obviously, he wanted her. Why wouldn’t he try to kiss her? Her awareness had awakened every nerve in her body, thinking about how his muscular body would feel against her damp skin.

The heat from the fire only added to her lust. She couldn’t stop herself from what she did next. Her hands slid up his thighs, to his waist and moved along his sides. Jack let out a soft moan and shook his head.

What a fool she was. She had misinterpreted his desire. “I’m sorry, Jack. Guess I got a little carried away.” She jerked her hands back and tried scooting away.

He let out a long breath. “I offered you a safe place to stay.”

“I know.” She watched him stare into the fire as if withdrawing from her. Shadows danced across his face and an awkward feeling twisted in her gut. Picking up one of those briquettes, he tossed it on the fire and jabbed it with a poker. Sparks shot up into the chimney. “Anything wrong?” she asked.

“You were frightened today by something. What was it?”

The question slammed into her as if he’d dunked her back into the bog. She swallowed. “I’m not sure if frightened is the right word. At first I was, maybe. Curious, confused, intrigued. I’m not sure how I feel.”

He nodded. “Want to tell me about it?”

Studying his face, she saw concern and warmth in his eyes. “I don’t know. I’m rather embarrassed by the situation, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. That’s why I followed those people into the forest. I was curious too.”

“What happened at the castle this afternoon?”

Books in the Dark Realms series: Dark Worlds of Supernatural Heroes, Who Haunt Us, Hunt Us and Hunger for Us



TATTOO WITCH, BOOK 3 – Coming soon!

THE SHIFTER’S SPELL, BOOK 4 – Coming soon!

More books to come…

*All books in the Dark Realms series are individual and stand-alone stories.*


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