Enter the Dark Side with a Magical Tattoo #PNR #eroticromance #amreading #MFRWhooks

TATTOO WITCH by Kathy Kulig, Book 3 in the Dark Realms series

In this scene in Tattoo Witch, Sam’s curiosity draws him to the mysterious tattoo parlor on the boardwalk. The night before, he and his girlfriend, Anita, met a heavily tattooed couple, Rene and Perry. This strange couple raved about how their magical tattoos enhanced their love life and gave them incredible sex, beyond anything they could’ve ever imagined. Sam loves Anita, but their relationship and love life has become strained. He couldn’t help but think, why not give this magic a shot?


“Morning. I didn’t think you’d be open this early.”

“Came in to do inventory, but I can take a customer.” She stood up from the small counter.

“Are you Cassandra?”

Her mouth twitched slightly in a hint of a smile. “Yes, did someone refer you?” There was emphasis on the word ‘refer’. “I give discounts on referrals,” she added.

“Yes,” Sam said. “Rene and Perry. My girlfriend and I met them last night.”

She nodded. She picked up a pen and jotted a note in a leather journal then closed it. “I know them well. What is your desire today?” Her sea-green eyes appeared luminescent, probably enhanced by contacts.

“I was thinking about a tattoo.”

She chuckled. “If you were talking to them, I suspect you’ll want the special tattoo I do.” She narrowed her gaze. “Did they tell you about the herbs I put into my dyes?”

“That’s the trick. You use magical herbs?” He was right. It was all about the power of suggestion.

Her face changed, her eyes darkened to a smoky gray-green. “No trick. I assure you this is real.” Her voice slammed into him like an invisible cinderblock.

Son of a bitch, she was a witch. He refused to waver under her obvious power demo. “I was intrigued by Perry and Rene’s claims. I was curious to find out how the magic worked,” he explained.

Her eyes cooled to the sea-green color again. “Each tattoo has a spell that can’t be undone, so choose your desire and design wisely. You will experience great pleasure, but this is dark magic. No harm will come to you, but the universe must remain in balance. There cannot be good without evil, light without dark.”

“Greatest pleasure, no harm. Sounds good to me.”

She opened an old book that looked like it was over a hundred years old. She pointed to a scorpion image. “This one will make you more desirable to other women.”

“I have a girlfriend.”

She turned a few pages and pointed to a tribal tat that looked like barbed wire. “This one will make you a more aggressive lover.”

“Not a bad choice, what else? How about one to make my girlfriend more adventurous?” He peered down into the book and his head spun.

“Careful, the images themselves have power,” she said, pushing him back. “This one will make you a better lover. And when your lover sees the tattoo, she won’t be able to resist you.” The design was an intricate tribal form with shading.

“I like it.”

“Take off your shirt and sit down.”

*TATTOO WITCH, Book 3 in the Dark Realms series

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